Look, I am DCI!

Millions come and go.
But Click-Storm stands strong.

Есть пули в нагане, и надо успеть
Сразиться с врагами и песню допеть.
И нет нам покоя! Гори, но жи
Logitech G700S
Plantronics RIG Flex
Qcyber Syrin / Razer


Брал топ-3 в региональных турнирах по Warcraft 3. Также на счету топ-3 в казанском турнире по CS. Ушёл из киберспорта, чтобы защитить диссертацию по химии. Но вернулся в роли организатора! :) ---- Once won 4K.Zeus in Warcraft 3:TFT. So called semi-pro from War3 beta to early TFT. Finished many times in Top-3 on local LANs in Kazan and nearby cities. Also led my team to top-3 in local CS tournament. Than switched to organizer role and finished my PhD in chemistry. :D Favorite games: HoTS, War 3, Quake 2-3-live.
I am not! :)
Armaggeddons Gaming Festival - Funan DigitaLife Mall, Hearthstone and consultancy Good Games Convention - Hearthstone daily challenge: A 3-day offline event organized by Click-Storm and held in tandem with the Good Games Convention at Suntec City in December; sponsored by Armeggeddon featured a Hearthstone tournament each day.
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